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St John Ogilvie


Today we celebrate the feast of St John Ogilvie. St John Ogilvie was born in 1570 to a noble calvinist family in the east of Scotland. At the age of 12 he was sent to Europe to be educated. While in Europe he attended many catholic institutions and by 17 had decided he wanted to […]

Cute Alert!!!


Every corner of our initiative is filled with cute things, today we though we’d share some of our cutest friends !!!

Today we celebrate the memorial of St Katharine Drexel. St Katharine was born in 1858, the second child of a prominent and wealthy banker. Her mother died 5 weeks after she was born. She received a fantastic educations from private tutors and traveled throughout the USA and Europe. Her entire family were devout in the […]

Please support


Some friends in Middlesbrough are setting up a project to help families and parents to be with a baby bank. Please support them in any way you can !!!  

Monthly update



It’s been a busy weekend for us. With Sr Roseann speaking at the SPUC youth conference, her talk was entitled Love begets Life: Crisis pregnancy at the heart of the pro-life movement and Sr Andrea talking in the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh about responding to gender theory with love and compassion.