Response to Unapologetically, Unashamedly Anti-Abortion


Normally I don’t get involved in social media debates. To be honest, I’m way too busy getting on with my life directing the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative. However, it is with great sadness that I feel I must respond to the post by Grace Browne – Unapologetically, Unashamedly Anti-Abortion.

The whole tone of the post disturbs me immensely and also shows an incredible ignorance of how hard, so hard, many of us have fought over the years to not only be known as pro-life but to actually be pro-life, in thought, word and action.

I am unashamedly and unapologetically anti-abortion. I am against the taking of all human life and, along with many others, I have given much of my life to the defence of all unborn children in danger, all women faced with a crisis pregnancy and to giving healing and whatever peace we can to the many women and others affected by abortion.

I am not a coward, neither am I muddled up. I have chosen to be known as pro-life because that is what I am. I know that “abortion is not loving”, but I am.

There is no-one who knows either me, or the work of the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative, who could accuse us of being anything other than 100% against abortion. Over the years I’ve been spat upon, yelled at with undisguised hatred and insulted in person and on paper with every vile name under the sun. I have never cowered behind the phrase ‘pro-life’, nor have I ever fled from any fight in the defence of life but, on every occasion, I have chosen not only to stand up for life but also for love.

I have given thousands of talks using the pictures of the reality of abortion but I have always done it in such a way as go beyond the heat to the light, i.e. challenge people to change their minds and hearts and then challenge them to get involved and do something positive to make every abortion unthinkable and unnecessary.

Through the work of the Pro-Life Initiative, we have saved hundreds of lives and caused many, many people, especially young people, to change their minds about abortion. This we have always done with love, which is never a weakness but our greatest strength.

Just for clarification, we have neither the death penalty nor gun control issues in this country. This argument is a total red herring. What we do have is the day-to-day reality of women faced with incredible pressure to abort their child, an army of women who present as militant pro-abortion in order to cope with the pain of their own abortion, a media which is strongly against us, a law which continues to kill and a society which often just doesn’t care.

Well, I do care and I do believe that the greatest of the commandments is to love. I don’t want to be ruthless, I want to be wise. “Therefore be wise as serpents and gentle as doves” Matt. 10:16.

So my advice is for everyone to search their minds and hearts and choose to be Unapologetically and Unashamedly Pro-Life.

Sr Roseann Reddy


see the full article by Grace Brown here:

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