St Mungo


Today we celebrate the feast of the patron saint of Glasgow – St Mungo.

Looking into the story of St Mungo, we cannot help but look at another patron of Glasgow, his mother St Enoch.

St Enoch didn’t have it easy gaining the title of “Scotland’s first recorded rape victim, battered woman and unmarried mother”. A princess thrown out by her father because of her pregnancy, she was rescued by St Serf, the leader of a monastery. 

In Smug’s mural on George Street, we see a modern-day interpretation of St Enoch cradling St Mungo. Captured on an ordinary Glasgow street is the love of a mother for her child regardless of the hardship she has faced.

By a wonderful Providence, we’re delighted to announce that, in addition to our original centre in south side of Glasgow, we have a new office that will be dedicated entirely to the work of healing after the trauma of abortion and abuse. It’s location? St Enoch’s Square. It’s only a mustard seed just now but it bears within it the promise of a great healing apostolate, so badly needed in our time. As with all our work, we commend it to St Enoch and St Mungo’s powerful intercession.



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