Abortion On Trial: BBC 2 Monday 9pm


A documentary by Anne Robinson, in which women discuss the topic of abortion, their experiences and what they think of the abortion law, will be shown on BBC 2 on Monday 16th October at 9 pm.

Below is a link to an article giving more details and a trailer


Following the programme, SPUC has written a review, which can be found at https://www.spuc.org.uk/news/news-stories/2017/october/abortion-on-trial

Margaret Cuthill, who has worked with post-abortive women for years, comments: “Vulnerable women in an unplanned pregnancy are being seriously manipulated by the abortion industry in the UK.  This programme was not about looking at how abortion has damaged women or the real failings within the 1967 Act, it was a blatant attack to remove what protections are on law at the moment.” “As an abortion recovery counsellor of many years what I saw  in those sharing their experience was the unresolved emotional pain that had taken them to justifying the death of their children by denial.  This includes Anne Robinson, who stated she had not looked at her pain.  Tell the full story stop lying to mothers that their children are disposable!”


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