UK March for Life


Last Saturday, we had a 7 am start and 11 pm return on the coach from Glasgow to Birmingham, for the annual UK March for Life. After a 6 hour journey, we disembarked the coach and walked through a crowd of protestors to get to the gathering of thousands of pro-lifers.

A big stage and screen at the front of the area was the platform for talks and music. Stalls from various pro-life organisations lined one side and fast food vans lined the other side. There was an excitement and joy amongst those present. Our MCs for the afternoon, Niall and Louise, were from Scotland!

Speakers from each country of the UK talked about the past “50 years of abortion” and pro-life activities. Sr Roseann spoke about the pro-life movement in Scotland. The headline speakers were from the USA:

Lila Rose’s desire to be actively pro-life began at the age of 9 years old, when she saw a picture of an aborted baby. She runs Live Action, doing undercover investigations to expose the dangers and lies of the abortion industry in the U.S. She also showed an interesting video of interviews with members of the general public, who initially professed to be pro-choice but then changed their mind after watching an animation of an abortion procedure.

Catherine Adair used to work in an abortion clinic and came to the conclusion that abortion was wrong. She saw that women were not there because they had made a choice, but because they felt they had no choice. Her view on pro-lifers used to be that they would hate her, however when she approached the pro-life movement she found that she was welcomed with open arms. She encouraged those who are pro-choice now that it’s OK to change their opinion.

It was rather wet during the march itself. The march took longer than expected due to protestors blocking the route at one point. Those leading the pro-life side got down on their knees to pray, as the police brought reinforcements to move the protestors out of the way. The march then continued as planned. What a beautiful witness people’s patience was. We look forward to next year’s March for Life and hope that it will grow in numbers year on year.

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