Happy 20th Anniversary to the Pro-Life Initiative!


Today, 9th March 2017, marks the 20th anniversary of the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative. We fondly remember and thank God for Cardinal Winning, whose vision and bold faith started the Pro-Life Initiative 20 years ago.

20 years ago today, Cardinal Winning made his prophetic announcement offering help to pregnant women :

“Whatever worries or cares you may have…we will help you.

If you need pregnancy testing or counselling…we will help you.

If you want help to cope with raising the baby on your own… we will help you.

If you want to discuss adoption of your unborn child…we will help you.

If you need financial assistance, or help with equipment for your baby and feel financial pressures will force you to have an abortion…we
will help you.

If you cannot face your family, or if pressure in your local area is making you consider abortion, come to us, we will help find you somewhere
to have your baby surrounded by support and encouragement…we will help you.

And finally, if you have had an abortion. If you are torn apart with guilt, if your relationship has split up because of abortion, if you are
suffering from post abortion stress – come to us… we will help you.

This invitation, I repeat, is open to all. Irrespective of age, creed or colour.”

His invitation remains the same, 20 years later.

We thank God for all the lives we’ve been able to help save and the many more we’ve supported.

We thank all of you for all your support over the years. With the donations you’ve given and the time you’ve offered. We appreciate it greatly.

We hope we won’t be needed in another 20 years as abortion will be unthinkable. Continue your compassion for crisis pregnancy situations. Continue your compassion for post abortive women and men. And continue to help us to help them.

In the words of the late, great Cardinal,

“Your efforts may sometimes seem to go unrewarded, but you can be sure that slowly and surely you are having an effect.”

God Bless,

All at the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative.


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