Good Morning Scotland on Feminism Excluding ‘Anti-Choice’ Women


Dear All,

Yesterday morning (Sunday 29th Jan) whilst listening to Good Morning Scotland there was a very interesting piece on the women’s march which took place last week in America, there was, of course, absolutely no mention of the March for Life which took place on Friday and which has easily as many women involved.

However the real cause for concern in this discussion about feminism and the women’s movement was the following discussion which took place and which I now share with you.

This can also be heard on the listen again facility on the BBC Scotland website. Just Google Good Morning Scotland and search for yesterday’s programme. The discussion starts at 1:50:40  I highly recommend that you listen if you can. Link:

For those who don’t have access to listen again I’m putting the discussion below:

Following on from one of the contributors saying “One of the great things about the Women’s Movement is that it is as broad as women are”

There then followed a discussion on how an ‘anti-choice coalition’ (that’s us by the way, for pro-life they say anti-choice) had tried to join the women’s march and it had been decided that this wouldn’t be allowed.

And now I quote

Contributor: “Feminism was inhospitable to anti-choice ideas, so there is a broad church but I think we do have to be mindful”

Presenter: “so this is what I want to know, Can you be anti-choice and be in the feminist movement?”

Contributor: “I think you can certainly for yourself have the view that your religion or belief prohibits you yourself from having an abortion, from terminating a pregnancy. I think if your position is that you want to stop other women from exercising choice and physical autonomy the answer is no, feminism as a label doesn’t extend to you.”

Presenter: “That’s the conclusion we came to in the office before the programme this morning.” End

Quite incredible that they have already decided that we should have no say in this ‘debate’ at all, by virtue of the fact that we want to offer women a real choice we are to be silenced. Well it’s up to us to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Please, please get in touch with the BBC and make your voice heard, pointing out the discrimination against women by women, the bias nature of the reporting and the lack of fairness in what is presented as news, particularly the heavy coverage given to the Women’s March and the non-existent coverage given to the March for Life.

As you know this year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act and there is going to be a lot of coverage of this issue, we need to make sure that we are given our place. We are not going away.

You can complain online through the website

Post: BBC Complaints, PO Box 1922, Darlington, DL3 0UR

Phone: 03700 100 222 or 03700 100 212 (textphone)

Please also pass this letter onto anyone you think who may be interested and put it on your social media. We need to let them know that there is an army of pro-life women in Scotland who will not be silenced.


With every best wish,

Sr Roseann

One Response to “Good Morning Scotland on Feminism Excluding ‘Anti-Choice’ Women”

  1. 1 gospeloflife

    This was the BBC’s reply to Sr Roseann, on 10th February 2017:

    Dear Sr Reddy

    Reference CAS-4211201-5490M3

    Thank you for getting in touch about Good Morning Scotland on 29 January 2017 under case numbers CAS-4211201-5490M3 + CAS-4215736-3253FK.

    Firstly, it’s important to note that the discussion on that morning was about the surge in the women’s movement over the last week. This piece was not about anti-abortion versus pro-choice. We have and will continue to discuss the arguments around abortion as and when necessary. This has included the BBC coverage on the March for Life in Washington on 27 January, which you can still see in our online coverage here:

    That said, as you noted reproductive rights did come into a small part of this discussion. The question our presenter asked about whether you can be anti-choice and a feminist was, as we said, a question, and not a statement of fact. The contributor explained her opinion on this, which was that you can be pro-life and a feminist if it is your opinion. She didn’t think, however, you could take away the choice for women and be a feminist. The presenter said that was the conclusion the people in the office had come to.

    We appreciate that in the context of this discussion this was not an appropriate comment to be broadcast. Please be assured, this comment was not intended to be representative of the BBC on this issue and we apologise if it came across in that way. The issues you have raised have been fed back to the production team involved in the production of this discussion.

    We appreciate you sharing your views with us and will bear them in mind for future discussions. Please be assured that bias plays no part in our reporting. We place the highest value on accuracy and impartiality within our own journalism and rigorous editorial standards are applied across all of our output.

    Thank you, once again, for taking the time to contact us.

    Details of the BBC complaints process are available online at

    Kind regards

    Neil Salt
    BBC Complaints Team

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