Glasgow 40 days for life Start Well


40 Days for Life has had an amazing first day! First of all, it was a miracle in itself that the lesser spotted sun came out to shine upon todays team! People on site said that it was very peaceful and prayerful and they were overwhelmed by the support given by the public. People were tooting horns, giving thumbs up, big waves and big smiles… Even some big burly bus drivers!
What an amazing witness. If you want to be part of it why don’t you come along with us on Friday 11th March? Let us know what time slot you can offer.

2 Responses to “Glasgow 40 days for life Start Well”

  1. 1 Jacqueline

    I just wanted to contact someone to say how shocked I was at your “vigil” outside the Queen Elizabeth hospital Glasgow.
    I drove past there today after an appointment. However 2 years ago I drove past that exact spot after coming out of that hospital after losing two babies. That was one of the most horrific moments of my life and totally out of my hands.
    If I had came out of there today having just gone through that I would have been even more distressed and upset. The clinic is not there for just abortions. It deals with all maternity issues and no matter what they are going through women should be respected and not given more pain.
    I would not have known what your “vigil”‘was about if you were not holding large posters. I would suggest if you wish to carry on your Vigil you lose the posters and have some respect for all patients and what they are going through.

    • 2 gospeloflife

      I cannot speak on behalf of 40 days for Life.
      Thank you Jacqueline for your comments but I think you misunderstand what the 40 Days for Life vigil is all about. The vigil is to bear witness to the babies who have been lost to abortion and to reach out to anyone affected by an abortion or thinking of having one. There are no graphic images of babies but meaningful words to convey the hurt and loss that abortion brings. Your situation where you lost two babies is tragic but it was a situation you didn’t do anything to bring about. Abortion is the intentional ending of a life. The vigil is intended to quietly and unobtrusively bring people’s attention to the loss of life happening intentionally at this hospital. As you must know only too well the precious value of human life, through the suffering of losing your own two babies, I’d be surprised if you were indifferent to the deliberate loss of other similar precious lives in the same hospital. In the face of indifference to this loss of life by society, I can’t agree to your suggestion that we should be almost invisible as a credible awakening from this indifference.
      I have every sympathy for your position but I quite literally have seen an abortion and your suggested response would be, to me, the same as everyone elses indifference.

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