Proud to be Human.


A week ago, on Tuesday 5th January 2016, the most beautiful inspirational and loving little girl I have ever had the honour of knowing returned to her heavenly Father in her sleep. Quietly, and without any warning, Sara MacMillan left us and I know I speak for literally thousands of you when I say our hearts are broken. It’s taken me a week to be able even to write these few words, words which I only write to acknowledge the debt we owe to this precious little girl and her remarkable mum and family. I have never known a more powerful expression of all that it means to be truly pro-life than Sara, Catherine and the MacMillan family. They are truly an inspiration.

Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative's photo.

Sara was simply the happiest, and certainly the smiliest, child I have ever met. She was beautiful in every way and the trendiest little dresser ever. Catherine always had her looking like the star she was. Sara never failed to light up the room and bring joy to everyone she met.

As for her amazing mum Catherine, well, what can I say? She was Sara’s mum and she loved her with a passion and a joy which were obvious for all to see. I cannot even imagine the pain and loss she is going through at the moment and I know there will be dark days ahead, but I hope that Catherine finds consolation in the knowledge of how many people love her and are praying constantly for her. Catherine, you are not alone. You are in the hearts and prayers of many and, just as we will never forget Sara and how she made us feel, so we will never forget you and how you made us feel: proud to be human; proud to be in the same universe as you; proud to see such love and faith in action.

And finally to Catherine and Sara’s immediate family, to her mum, dad and siblings – you too are truly an inspiration. You now not only have to mourn the loss of Sara but you have to watch your own child and sister go through so much pain, and that, as any parent or sibling knows, is the hardest thing to bear. But this time of raw grief and pain will pass and you will all be stronger and the wiser for it, for you will have gone through this together as a family and that’s a truly remarkable thing.

All of us here at the Pro-Life Initiative are praying for you and remembering the gift of friendship and faith which have come to us via the most beautiful Sara. May she now shine in God’s heavenly Kingdom.

Sr Roseann

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