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Over the years since the Abortion Act was passed, we have heard so many stories from women who have had an abortion and deeply regretted it.  For us in Scotland we have always had our own Margaret Cuthill who has for so long has  led the former  Victims of Abortion and now ARCH.  Without women like Margaret who are prepared to share their pain and personal tragedies we would not know so much about what leads women to make these decisions and the after math of an abortion.  Once again she has come forward to support the latest prolife campaign launched at the start of 2016 Don’t Stop a Beating Heart.

*taken from SPUC Scotland *


Margaret Cuthill from Abortion Recovery Care and Helpline told her story this week to the Sunday Times.  Margaret is a much loved stalwart of post abortion recovery and care.  Along with Jolene they are bravely giving testimony of their own abortion experiences to help others recover.  Also to help women before they have an abortion to think it through.  “Women are not wired to abort their children” says Cuthill, “the abortion industry does not tell women the truth about abortion.  Neither the physical or psychological effects”.  They are both fully behind the “Don’t stop a beating heart campaign” set up by SPUC Scotland.

Margaret and Jolene’s stories can be read here:



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