Forty Days for Life and Scotland


SPUC Scotland has announced that Forty Days for Life (where a prayerful vigil is held outside places where abortions are done for 40 days), is to start for the first time in Scotland starting in Lent 2016, ( February 10th – March 20th) in Glasgow.

Vigil location: Outside of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Hardgate Road entrance Govan Glasgow- (formerly site of Southern General Hospital)

Vigil hours: (8 AM — 8 PM every day)

Local contact:

Learn more … and get involved:

40 Days for Life hold a vigil outside the BPAS clinic in Bedford Square (PA)

We have long followed this campaign and seen the fruits and blessings it has brought to pregnant women and their babies through a powerful, prayerful witness.  However, it is not without it’s challenges from those who are against the cause of allowing women to have a choice and do not want any silent witness outside the abortion clinics.

Here is a podcast discussing a recent case which may have an effect on the Forty Days for Life campaign.

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