The Irish Situation


It is surprising to see the online section of The Daily Mail newspaper supporting the Irish campaign change the law on abortion in Ireland.  Usually this newspaper has some excellent prolife articles which are frequently referred to on this blog.  It is a worrying change and demonstrates how the situation in Ireland is under pressure from the pro abortion lobby as never before.

The article featured says nothing new; essentially women who want abortion don’t want to travel to England to obtain an abortion!  The argument is based on inconvenience and rights and doesn’t deal with the heart of the matter which is the killing of a child.  In this particular case the option of allowing the baby to die naturally was never raised as if that would be too awful.  Why are women not allowed to have that time with their baby in utero until the time comes for nature to take it’s course (in the case of foetal disability).  Having a hand in the death of their own child is a truly sad option to offer a mother who has found out her child has a severe abnormality.

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