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As our Sisters of the Gospel of Life attend the Meeting of Families in Philadelphia this week we pray for everyone attending and for many fruits and blessings to emerge from it.

This story has been circulating on the internet and is truly amazing from so many view points.  For us it shows clearly (if we didn’t already know!), that a mother has such a strong bond and connection with her baby that she has carried in her womb that the sound of her baby’s cry is […]

I’m not sure when this prize was awarded exactly,  but it is such a positive sign in the world, a bit like when Blessed Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize all those years ago.  A post to make you feel the world is not such a bad place after all!     Thibault  de […]

Evidence grows of the damage abortion creates as the years roll on of legal abortion throughout the world.  How much evidence do we need before we realise that asking a woman to abort her baby in the name of freedom and choice can never lead to happiness?   This article is taken from   […]

This little video will brighten your day 🙂 It shows what is possible when we welcome people who are different into our lives.  They can teach us so much and bring so much to what can be a dreary world.  These classmates show what is possible and how much can be achieved.  

This is a beautiful video showing how precious this baby is to her 6 big brothers. Cute warning! http:/