Public Peace Prize


I’m not sure when this prize was awarded exactly,  but it is such a positive sign in the world, a bit like when Blessed Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize all those years ago.  A post to make you feel the world is not such a bad place after all!




Thibault  de Bourleuf,  Grégoire Théry, Louis Arnauld and Vianney-Marie Soubrier, the young men of la Fraternité Notre-Dame de l’Étoile, that inspired the nomination of a Down Syndrome person for the Public Peace Prize.

Excerpt of the nomination text : I would like the Public Peace Prize winner to be a Down Syndrome person. I think many of them have a real ability to diffuse peace around them. Peace is essentially a gift which is best transmitted by the little and the poor. To receive peace in one’s heart you need to be “simplified”; and DS people do simplify everyone they meet.

Peace around the world begins with peace in our relationships and  within ourselves, for each and every one of us. I was fortunate to experience a special kind of peace for the four years I lived with the young men of the fraternity Our Lady of the Star. 


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