Guarding Her Life


Found this on Facebook.  Wise words!

This will be a little long for a reply post, but I am feeling moved to share… Too young, that’s what they said, and so much ahead of me. Did I want to move forward or did I want my future to change and be tied to my poor decisions my whole life? From the moment I knew I was pregnant, I felt a sense of guarding her life. So I not only protected her life, but I raised her as young single mom. Yes, her life changed mine. Before I had her, I was selfish, but I learned to love someone more than myself. I was reckless, but with her needing me, I thought about how my choices would affect her. And the way I loved her showed me things about how God could love me with my imperfections. Yes, some of my worldly opportunities became limited for a time, but my character was greatly developed through the challenges of being a single mom. No one’s going to tell you being a single mom is easy… They’d be a fool. But a lot of really worthwhile things are both hard and right. Pregnant? Whether you keep your baby or gift him or her to a loving family, EVERY life has purpose for the child AND the birth mom. I know so many who are haunted by their choice to have an abortion. I’ve never been haunted by missing a few opportunities to give my child many more. Choose Life.

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