Compounding Their Problems


Here’s the testimony of a doctor who performed abortions and then changed his mind.

“I realized that what I’d done up to that point was not helping people. I was compounding their problems.”

Dr. John Bruchalski had powerful experiences that lead him to stop performing abortions and become an pro-life OB/GYN. He went with a friend to Mexico City and visited the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. While standing in front of the image, he heard a voice say clearly, ‘Why are you hurting me?’ Bruchalski said he couldn’t deal with it so he brushed it off. Looking for meaning, he then began attending a church and even volunteered at a pregnancy center. Volunteering, however, made him feel hypocritical. Bruchalski said, “I’m going back to my residency and I’m terminating pregnancies; it became a little schizophrenic.”

During that season, he delivered a baby that weighed 505 grams. The baby sadly did not survive. After the baby’s death, a neonatologist approached him and said, “I’ve seen you with your patients. On one hand, you take such good care of them, and on the other hand, when they don’t want the baby, you give me garbage. These are children, and they deserve better.”

Eventually the words that changed his heart for good came from a young woman from a Belgium pro-life group. She  approached him and said, “I have some messages for you from the Blessed Mother. You’re a doctor, and you’re supposed to help. The woman said, “In health care, practice excellent medicine, see the poor daily and follow the teachings of my Son’s church. If you can do those three things, you will help my Son renew the face of the earth.”

The message caused John to cry and he said, “All of a sudden, the scales came off my eyes.” He told Jesus he was sorry for what he had done and determined to help protect lives from that point forward.


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