An Unexpected Gift


Main stream articles about children born with Downs Syndrome can often show us how society in general view children with disabilities.  Therefore it was so heartening to read this articl   in the Daily Mail which shows us that this family have welcomed their twin boy, Josh with the same love they show to their other children and realise the challenges and blessings he brings to their family.  They also address the issue of aborting babies with Downs Syndrome when they say,

 ‘We really didn’t know what it was two years ago, but our understanding has changed massively. It is a tragedy that people like Josh are being terminated every day, and I worry about the pressure people are put under to make the decision.

This attitude is incredibly powerful and all the people this family know and will come to meet will be influenced by this understandable attitude; children and adults with Downs Syndrome are not ill or sick but beautiful and loveable and deserve life just like everyone else.

The McIntosh twins: Josh - who was born with Down's syndrome (right) and his sister Cara (left)

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