Think Before You Speak!


This testimony from a post-abortive woman gives some sober advice to those who are in the prolife movement as to how we should treat women who have chosen abortion.  It’s so important we get it right after all these years of condemning women and berating them.  That’s not right.  As it says on lots of placards held up during pro life rallies “Love Them Both

I have been called a murderer, selfish, and a baby killer.  While I will not try to convince you otherwise because I don’t disagree… I do want you to know words of hate will not help this important cause.  Instead of slinging your words like swords at women who have made the same mistake as I, go after the real problem. Support groups who help find new jobs for abortion clinic employees   …Volunteer at local women’s centers that don’t support abortion but instead provide counseling, classes, and assistance to women who choose life.

Continue to call attention to an industry that kills as many children a year as war kills US soldiers a year.

Don’t give up. Pray for those who struggle with the choice they have made, that they may find peace.  Pray for those who have yet to choose, that they may choose life.

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