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“We are faced with only one question. Are we talking about an object, or might it by any stretch of the imagination be a person? If we cannot be sure of the answer, at least we may pick up a clue or two from the word of the Lord which came to Jeremiah: ‘Before I […]

Kimberley Sings


We featured this lady Kimberley Henderson on a previous post talking about how close she came to aborting her fourth child, Vaida Everly, but she didn’t and how thankful she was she turned away from abortion.  Now her life has taken another turn after she posted a video of her singing to her daughter on to […]

Book Review


** By Frances Philips Catholic Herald** A book produced by the deVeber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research in Toronto: Complications: Abortion’s Impact on Women, by Angela Lanfranchi, Ian Gentles and Elizabeth Ring-Cassidy. Its focus is on abortion generally, rather than the eugenic abortion of disabled babies – “life not worthy of life” you might […]

Let’s hear it for all the fantastic dads out there who love their children from the very moment they discover their existence and are great role models for them.  Happy Father’s Day 🙂

Dear friends, to believe in Jesus today, to follow Jesus as Peter, Thomas, and the first Apostles and witnesses did, demands of us, just as it did in the past, that we take a stand for him, almost to the point at times of a new martyrdom: the martyrdom of those who, today as yesterday, […]

The acceptance of abortion has ushered in so many abhorrent practices, such as the Morning After Pill,  that is rare to find anyone speaking out against it, and so I was surprised to find this article which flags up some of the serious concerns. When society accepts that it can end the life of unborn babies […]

This article written by Human Life International captures the essence of where society has gone wrong and abortion has become the acceptable fallout for everyone never mind the broken families, use of contraception and acceptance of homosexuality and same-sex partnerships.  This article is straight forward and stark – there is no other way to go. […]

Work of God