UN Try to Pressure Irish Prolife Law


The Irish situation regarding abortion and the rights of the unborn child seem to be under attack constantly.  Today’s recent article https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/un-committee-tells-irish-gvmt-to-hold-referendum-to-overturn-abortion-banhttps://www.lifesitenews.com/news/un-committee-tells-irish-gvmt-to-hold-referendum-to-overturn-abortion-ban on Lifesitenews.com shows the full extent of how much bullying and pressure is being exerted on Ireland to step into line and offer the liberal abortion options to Irish women.  It is hard to believe that an organisation such as the United Nations can be allowed to bully, another country as they have done as reported in the above article.  What has happened to a democratic country’s right to make their own laws?? Of course it is not as simple as this, I know, but the issue of the prolife stance of this country seems to worry the UN and other organisations (like Amnesty) an awful lot.

What is refreshing to read is that people like Cora Sherlock, deputy of the Pro-life campaign are standing up and putting the pro-life position in a firm and articulate manner, which shows the UN for what it really is.  That’s them told!

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