Marriage protects the Unborn


It’s not politically correct, it’s not trendy and it certainly won’t go down well with liberals, but the facts released from the NHS reveal that married women are more likely to keep their babies than unmarried ones.  Here’s how SPUC reported the news,

London, 9 June 2015,

Figures released by the NHS reveal that marriage is the great protector from abortion. Of the 184,571 abortions performed in England and Wales last year over 80% were performed on unmarried women and girls.

Paul Tully, general secretary of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children said: “The statistics reveal yet again another catastrophic loss of life with over 184,000 lives ended at NHS expense and two-thirds of these taking place in private clinics at public expense.”

“We know that most women do not want abortions and therefore call on tax payers’ money to be used more wisely to avoid abortion. Stable family life, in particular marriage, is hugely important to providing women with the security to continue their pregnancies and the figures testify that marriage is key to that stability.”
“We want to see a country which provides the support needed to welcome life rather than see women pressurised for a variety of reasons to seek abortion.”

“Another indicator of the anti-life culture is that more than 3,000 babies lives are ended simply because they are at risk of suffering a handicap.” Concluded Mr. Tully

It’s not hard to see why.  Women who are married have already got a stable relationship to support this pregnancy and are therefore less likely to feel vulnerable.  Also fathers are more likely to be around to support their wives through the challenges of pregnancy.   These statistics tell us what we need to do to get rid of abortion.  Support pregnant women and support marriage which is good for women, good for unborn babies and good for a stable society!


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