Why Are Women Advised to Abort at the First Sign of Disability?


I regularly come across stories of pre-natal diagnosis which discovers that the developing unborn baby has some sort of disability.  Often before the news can be digested by the parents, abortion is offered as the “solution”.  That’s the world we live in now, that any sign that a baby is not “perfect” what ever that is, has to be aborted.

Fortunately, we also live in a world where people go against this advice because they already love this unborn baby and recognise that sometimes doctors can be wrong either completely or about the severity of the disability, but also about the potential of this baby.  That’s the amazing thing about the human race – we constantly surprise the world by what we are capable of and I am sure that this little girl in this particular story will lead a fulfilling life despite her difficulties because her parents are willing to fight for her and love her.  Let this story inspire us to fight for every child who has a prenatal diagnosis.



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