Viable Pregnancy?


You don’t know where the path is going to go, but if you stay on the journey and get to the place of acceptance where you can appreciate every minute, you will look back with joy,”

These are the words of a mum who went against advice of her doctor to abort her child that has Trisomy 18 and has gone on a journey of discovery with her daughter who is now 15 years old.  Her daughter has taught her how to live truly each day with joy and acceptance.  Her story has so much to teach us and the rest of society.

When doctors talk about viability it is usually in regards to when a life can be extinguished.  If a baby is going to die in the womb because there is something seriously wrong, let’s do what we can medically to help and not decide we are are going to end this life because we’ve been told it’s for the best or our life might be inconvenienced!

Read the full story here


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