Praying for the Unborn

hands with prayer book

What is it that God wants of me?

vocation and Jerermiah quoteFor many years, since I was 15, I had been wondering what was the special plan that God had reserved for me: my vocation. After talking to numerous religious, nuns, priests… they all used to say the same thing to me: “Albert, if you want to know what God wants from you, simply ask Jesus, have a conversation with Him, pray!”

For a long time I had never managed to have a consolidated prayer life, until last January 2014, when our diocese proposed to organise their first 40 Days for Life campaign. I felt that project was the perfect opportunity to thank our Lord for all He had given to me. ‘How special’ I thought, ‘to work to defend the life of the unborn, the most vulnerable of God’s creatures’. I had no idea that getting involved with the Hallam 40 Days for Life campaign would give me back so much. As our team started working, through our prayers and those of so many other people, we could see how all the challenges were melting in front of our eyes: God was providing so manifestly!

At the time I was not really aware of it, but for the first time in my life, I was dedicating daily time to God. I was having that conversation with Jesus. I was begging for His help. During the campaign, the praying time increased even more, not to mention how exceptional it was when our community was gathering to glorify our Lord at the doors of evil’s sanctuary, where all these mothers were stripped of their children, our brothers and sisters… where our prayers are required the most.

For the first time in my life I was consistently praying: praying for all those mothers and their fragile children who were about to be removed from this life, for the blind doctors and all the families who are destroyed by abortion. I was talking to God, truly opening my heart to His will, and that allowed me to clearly hear His voice in my heart. Joy, peace and glory!

The closest feeling to Heaven I have ever had… Our Lord was calling me! Tears of delight and ecstasy weredo not be afraid priest imagerunning down my cheeks… Jesus was proposing me to be one of His apostles; Jesus was inviting me to continue His mission, to look after His sheep, to be a priest! I could have never imagined what this special mission, praying for our pre-born brothers and sisters, could do to me and how it would change my life!

If you ever have the opportunity to be involved in this unique and precious mission, set your heart on it, truly love these innocent delicate souls, and then prepare to feel His tenderness in your own heart.

Albert Font – seminarian, studying for the Catholic priesthood in Spain.

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