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This story is another powerful one that helps to understand the total aloneness a woman feels when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.  Fighting all her instincts she almost made the worst decision of her life.          Two years ago today I was sitting in an abortion clinic thinking not having Vaida was […]

Here’s an intimate look at the world of the unborn child.

We know from experience that women with crisis pregnancies need to know someone will help them or else they can feel completely overwhelmed with the enormity of coming to terms with this baby growing within them.  This story shows how an unexpected helping hand can be a life saver.  Let’s pray that we might be […]

Let’s remember 40 Days for Life as they pray outside abortion clinics which is on until Easter.  This is one of their success stories

Lenten Thought


A prayerful, meditative silence is the mother of truth. God cannot be found in noise and agitation. His true power and love are revealed in what is hardly perceptible, in the gentle breeze that requires stillness and quiet to detect. In silence, God listens to us. In silence, listen to Him. In silence, God speaks […]

We in the prolife movement know without doubt, that every life, no matter how long or short has value especially to God but also to the parents and everyone effected by that life.  We celebrate those lives and grieve for the shortness of some of them. This story of Thomas Zita and his parents determination […]

Ali’s Legacy


We’ve mentioned the life of Alison Davis before and her legacy for the prolife movement which was and continues to be immense.  This talk at last year’s SPUC national conference by Colin Harte her friend and carer.  I think everyone should know Ali and what she did in her short life.