Gender Abortion


An article in yesterday’s Telegraph newspaper by Alastair Kent, Director of Genetic Alliance UK demonstrates what can happen when people believe that abortion can “solve” the problem of disability.

Yesterday, MP’s were voting on amendments to the Serious Crime Bill tabled by Fiona Bruce MP that would allow abortion on the grounds of sex.  She has been behind the attempt to outlaw abortion on the grounds of foetal sex.  Mr Kent argues that there are some rare and devestating genetic diseases which mean that knowing the sex of the foetus helps the parents decide if they want to abort the baby. 

He says,  Where a wanted pregnancy produces a foetus whose prospect of life is profoundly compromised, the ethical option must be to allow the woman to decide, in consultation with her doctors, whether or not she wishes to proceed with the pregnancy or seek a termination. Whichever option she chooses, the outcome will be heart wrenching; but allowing a termination may be the least worst outcome for the woman, the partner and other members of her family, including any unaffected children she may already have.

The words that stand out for me are that “a termination may be the least worst outcome”!  How can killing your child ever be the least worst outcome?  Even when a child has a genetic disability which means they will have a short life, it doesn’t mean their life is less valuable or that they are any less deserving of love.  Nor does it mean that their parents will not be devestated by the loss of their child even if they are told and tell themselves it was for the best!  It seems that Mr Kent and others who agree with him have lost sight of the value of life.  What they have lost in the bid to have “perfect” children is the basic understanding that no matter how short a life lived, it has worth and value and it is not our decision whether that life will live a few weeks or years. 

When we take into our hands these life changing decisions then we indeed play God and devestation follows not just for the unborn child but for the mother and father.

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