Modesty & Respect for Life


We’ve long known about a fantastic and much needed education website, which provides resources and ideas for those wanting to spread the idea of chastity as a virtue.  It is much needed in our society which treats sex as a rite of passage with anyone and everyone and never to be saved for marriage!

What’s this got to do with prolife issues?  It is at the heart of the whole problem which finds us in a society that thinks it is fine and dandy to treat unborn babies as disposable simply because they are unplanned, unwanted, disabled or simply inconvenient.  Putting it simply, if men and women do not value the gift of their sexuality and the amazing potential for new life that the sexual act brings, then how can the product of the this fertility be valued?  Sex is not something to be equated with other norms of our life such as eating and socialising – sexuality is a gift that is wonderful and precious.  It should be shared with the person you have committed to for life, not a casual acquaintance.

If we are not taught how to be chaste then the “house of cards” collapses and leads to the norms of casual sex, contraceptive mentality(which leads to abortion), repeat abortions, broken relationships, divorce, etc.

This wonderful project is a fantastic start to educating everyone, but especially the youth about the beauty of modesty and chastity.  Let’s pass on this video to anyone with teenagers and get a discussion going.

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