Lighting Up the Room With his Smile


Many people think of people with a disability as being defined in terms of what they can’t do, this mum writes movingly about what her son Quinn, who has downs syndrome, has achieved after 2 years.

  • Quinn can light up the whole room with his smile.
  • Quinn can bang his chest and grunt when he sees a picture of a gorilla.
  • Quinn can shove an entire cupcake in his mouth in one swift maneuver. But he can also use his pincher grasp to pick up individual cheerios and eat them one-by-one.
  • Quinn can communicate using sign language to let us know when he’s hungry, thirsty, tired, or just plain over it.
  • Quinn can crawl on his butt faster than most grown men can run. Trust me; I’ve seen my husband  try and fail to catch him when he’s on his way somewhere dangerous/important/forbidden
  • Quinn can give the best hugs and will pat your back with his little hand when he does. And he can make you melt in that one move.
  • Quinn can tickle his brother to the point of uncontrollable laughter.
  • Quinn can point to his nose, toes, eyes and mouth. He can sneeze on cue.
  • Quinn can say, “dada,” “dog,” “all done,” and “more.”
  • Quinn can make me slow down and enjoy the moment.
  • Quinn can build a tower of blocks for the sheer enjoyment of toppling them over.
  • Quinn can stand up on his own and take 4 steps at a time.
  • Quinn can steal the remote and use it to turn the TV on and off repeatedly.
  • Quinn can throw one helluva tantrum.
  • Quinn can entertain himself for hours if he has a tall stack of books.
  • Quinn can make people realize that different is good.
  • Quinn can forgive faster than any child I know.
  • Quinn can make our family happier than I ever thought possible.

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