Midwives Lose Abortion Case


With heavy hearts we heard today that our friends, Connie and Mary, have lost their case for conscience objection at the UK Supreme Court today.  It is hugely disappointing and means that doctors and nurses will also be affected by this decision.  Please keep the midwives in your prayers as they start to come to terms with what it all means for them.  We are so grateful for the fight they chose to take on and the witness to unborn children they have made.

Full story at http://http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-30514054

Fr Martin Deleany, who spoke last night at a prayer vigil for the midwives, said,

The Supreme Court’s judgement in the case of Mary Doogan and Connie Woods is an affront to justice! Proof, if any were needed, of the corruption at the heart of our society. It is not only the unborn who we treat as non-persons, and ‘waste’, but every individual is dehumanized to the point that they are due absolutely no respect. “The provision of services” wins out over the dignity of the person and the conscience, even when that ‘service’ is the termination of a human life! Shame. Keep praying and keep fighting

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