“She’s Not a Foetus”


We come across many stories of women who have given birth to premature babies at around the legal limit for abortion in the UK – 24 weeks.  However not many women see and verbalise the hypocricisy of allowing babies to fight for their life at 24 weeks and helping them with medical advances, but if they are unwanted they are killed.

This mother, Mrs Caines has lost two daughters because they were born prematurely, the last daughter born at 24 weeks and lived only an hour or so, was born in December 2013. She is featured in the Daily Mail, saying,

‘Our picture shows Adelaide was not a foetus,’ said Mrs Caines,  ‘She was a fully formed human being, and to think that a baby like her could be legally terminated is to me horrifying.’ 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2752044/She-s-not-foetus-s-fully-formed-human-Heartbroken-parents-release-photo-daughter-born-abortion-limit-24-weeks-call-change-law.html#ixzz3DTa2Nvgl


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