Born Without Arms


It’s not hard to find stories which show us clearly that the world is full of people who are different, unique and special.  That’s the way God made us and for some people being different involves overcoming difficulties physically and mentally.  Linda and Timmy Bannon are two of these special people.  Linda’s experience of the unconditional love from her family, growing up and also from her husband have helped her to overcome her physical difficulties and now she is passing this on to her son.   The suggestion that she would abort her child who has the same condition as her, Holt-Oram Syndrome, characterised by skeletal abnormalitites of the hands and arms and heart problems, was alien to her and her husband.

Society seems to be scared of bringing any child into the world who has any sort of difficulty or problem as if this cannot be helped and must be solved by abortion.  When you see Timmy Bannon enjoying the love of his parents and life, it is clear that he enjoys his life and he is meant to be here to teach us so much about how to live life to the very most no matter what the difficulties we may have.  That’s God’s gift to us.

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