Prayers I Need to Pray Today


** taken from The Writings of A.K. Frailey**



1) I need to pray my gratitude for everything that goes right today.

2) I need to pray for the strength, wisdom, and courage I know I don’t have – in order to make good choices. Because today is test day.  Every day is test day. I choose the answers to life’s little problems with either love or selfishness.

3) I need to pray for all those who are suffering persecution – especially the people in Iraq. I need to remember that both the victims as well as the attackers are God’s children. My vocation is not to hate, but to pray for strength and mercy, forgiveness and conversion to His love.

4) I need to pray for those people in my life who ask for prayers for specific intentions. There are no prayer requests too small to matter.  Sometimes it is the humble prayer that makes the big difference.

sunrise 45) I need to pray for stillness and inner quiet in the confusion and bustle of my busy day in order to remember that God is still with me, even when I’m too busy to remember Him.

6) I need to pray for an increase in patience.  So many things are not going the way I wish they would.  There are so many tragedies in the world.  I do so little good. I must allow God to work in His own time.  Let God be God.

God's footstep7) I need to pray for holiness for myself, my children, and my extended family and friends.  As I yearn for holiness, I cease to fret about so many other things. Serious freedom is only found in God’s will.



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