Perfect Gifts.


The recent story of the a baby boy named Gammy,  born to a woman who was being a surrogate mother for an Australian couple demonstrates to us all that is wrong with society’s attitude to human life.

If you haven’t heard of this heartbreaking story the facts are that this surrogate mother living in Thailand was pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl, and discovered the boy had Down’s Syndrome while still pregnant.  She was encouraged to abort him, but refused and gave birth to the twins.  The Australian couple refused to accept the boy and took the girl back with them.  The surrogate mother is struggling to pay the health care bills that are arising from the care of this boy and because the story has become public, kind people have raised money to help with the costs, which is fantastic.

However, we can see that this situation will arise when society encourages people to believe that they can buy and sell human life as they wish and that life has to be regarded as “perfect” without any defects.  Human life is not perfect.  By our very nature we are flawed, but that’s ok, we are on a journey to be saints with God’s help.   Parents should love their children regardless of any defects.

What has happened in this case is that the Australian couple has tried to use their wealth to buy a child and treated it as a transaction.  Children are a gift.  Children with Downs Sydrome  or any other disability are a gift.  When we are given a gift, we accept the gift without exception even if we aren’t sure we will like it.  Only later do we discover the person who gave us the gift really knew us better than we knew ourselves.  That’s the gift of Downs Syndrome.  God knows best and let’s us discover this precious gift if we accept it openly.  Soceity tells us that we must be scared of children who are different or who need more care but that is putting ourselves first and everyone knows that when we put ourselves last we live a more fulfilled, happier life.  Just look at the example of Mother Teresa.

This case is extremely sad but the response to help Gammy with his health care bills leaves some hope that people recognise his worth and beauty.

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