Passionate Words


When I watched this video I realised anew that we live in a world that not only accepts abortion as an normal action to be taken to solve a problem but also that we don’t hear people speak about abortion.  Our society has accepted abortion so much that the ending of a child’s life every 3 minutes in the UK doesn’t warrant much debate in an ordinary week, month or year.

Jim Caviezel was propelled to stardom when he took the lead part in the Mel Gibson film “The Passion” almost ten years ago.  I knew he is a Christian and prolife, but watching him speak about the sin of abortion was extremely moving.  Moving, because we don’t see people becoming worked up and emotional about the gravity of what abortion is.  We don’t hear people speak about the sin of participating in an abortion but also the forgiveness that God offers.  This clip is  so refreshing and reinvigorating for us in the prolife movement who can feel we don’t have a voice. Jim Caviezel certainly speaks out for the voiceless here.


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