19 Weeks & Fully Human


The following story reminds us ( and yes we need constant reminding!) that the unborn child is fully human while growing in the womb and if this fact is appreciated by the parents the power to teach the world so much about life is huge.


Some people think that an 19 week unborn child is disposable but they would be shell shocked to see these photos which demonstrate that although small, this child possesses everything that we would warrant he/she being called human.  The only reason this baby didn’t survive is viability.  We were all once at this vulnerable stage of development and perhaps at the end of our life we will again be completely dependent on other people for our care.

This mother describes the impact of delivering her 19 week son prematurely and agreeing to her husband taking photos during the labour and birth.

I am so very glad that Joshua went to our vehicle and got my camera. At first I did not want any photos, but they are the only thing I have to look back on now. I’m still in shock at how much his photos have been shared and commented on. In his short life of just a few minutes he has touched more lives then I ever could have imagined. I have gotten messages from people all around the country who have experienced a loss or were just touched by his story. I’ve even had a few people tell me that they were able to use his photos to reach out to a hurting woman who was contemplating an abortion. Just because the child within cannot be seen by us does not mean that he is a blob of cells. Walter was perfectly formed and very active in the womb. If he had just a few short more weeks he would have had a fighting chance at life. I don’t understand why the Lord took him home, but I have to trust in his perfect timing. I may never know why, but it is a comfort to know where he is and that I will see him again. For now, he’s with his heavenly father who loves him unmeasurably more than I, as his earthly mother ever could.


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