The Daily Telegraph printed a story which reveals one of the most common reasons why women turn to abortion; convenience.
One of the main reasons why The 1967 Abortion Act was passed was due to the difficult cases of a pregnancy in rape, incest and abortion to save the life of the mother.

However in the many years since the legalisation of abortion society has come to accept almost any reason as acceptable for a mother to end the life of her child.  The story in the Telegraph reveals the deep unease a woman feels even as she makes that life changing decision and the guilt that stays with  her long after the abortion is peformed.

Reading this sad story tells us that when an action is wrong, in every way, like abortion is, legalisation cannot change that.  A person’s conscience reveals the depth of the unease felt when a woman consents to an abortion.  This is a life changing decision which she can never go back on and will haunt her because in so many cases, the abortion has not solved the problem and in this real life story we see that played out clearly.  The precious life of this unborn baby was sacrificed because the woman was angry with her husband for his infidelity and yet could she have found a way to nurture the life growing within her and forgive her husband as she went on to do?  Why does a life have to be taken?


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