Nun on Time Magazine’s Top 100


Fr Smith writing on The Catholic Herald’s blog brought to our attention that Time magazine’s top 100 most influential people features two Catholics. One is the Pope, the other is a Sr Rosemary Nyirumbe

She works and lives in Gulu, northern Uganda and runs a place called St Monica’s for girls who have been kidnapped by the Lord’s resistance army and there is a school for boys nearby.  All the boys are ex-soldiers and all the girls have been raped.

Forest Whitaker, the well known actor who amongst many roles has playe Ide Amin and who knows something about the country, has narrated a film about Sr Nyirumbe.  His comments are profound.

 “For women with unwanted children born out of conflict, she [Sister Rosemary] allows them to become loving mothers at last. The traumas she heals are unfathomable, but the reach of her love is boundless.”

Fr Smith comments,

The implication of those beautiful words is clear. Unwanted children become wanted. Hatred is conquered by love. Abortion is not the answer. But while we are on this subject on nuns doing good work and building the kingdom, what makes Sister Rosemary special makes thousands of nuns special, all over the world.

It is so good to see nuns being given the recognition they deserve and some positive light given to some of the wonderful work nuns do all over the world, especially in war torn parts.

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