“God giveth and God taketh away”


Here is a testimony by a father who has suffered the loss of two sons who were co-joined twins.  It is a powerful witness to the love of a father and mother for their children which has been bittersweet.  Doctors recommended abortion to end their twins lives but the parents knew the right thing to do was to keep loving their boys and to say goodbye at the right time. 


“My wife and I said hello and goodbye to our 4th and 5th sons. Anders and Brodie were conjoined; sharing one heart. We got to hold them for only a few hours but that was a very precious and priceless few hours. Our two families were all there, as we knew they would most likely live only a short time. Each family member got to hold them and say hello and goodbye to our precious angels.

My wife and I are Christians. We do not believe in abortion thus the decision to carry to term. I have been asked ‘Why would you put yourselves and the babies through the pain of it all?’ My answer is always ‘Because God giveth and God taketh away, and that right is his and his alone.’ Though it tears me up every second of every day to think about them and miss them, I would go through it everyday of my life JUST to get to hold them one more time.

My wife is my inspiration, my rock and my true love. She has been so strong through this all and I am proud of her. And I know God is proud of her for not taking the easy way out but instead choosing to say hello and goodbye to our sons on the same day. Mommy and daddy miss you Anders and Brodie. We will see you one day again and we will rock the heavens with playful joy.”


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