Plant a tree, plant a flower box for this child

Celebrate the Feast Day for a child named after a saint….invite friends

Blog about the project and tell the story of the names I gave to babies

Memorize 3 scriptures that speak of the value of children

Give up my pillow for one night

Help my brother clean his room….Clean up my room without being told

Attend the Bishop’s monthly pro-life Mass

Pray one hour in front of an abortion clinic, or make a First Friday holy hour

Give a flock of chickens, a goat, or a calf to a needy family through Heifer International

Host a dinner and tell your guests about the 50 Million Names project

Embroider the name on a baby hat or blanket and donate to the neonatal intensive care unit

Paint the name on a poster to hold up at March for Life

Pray a rosary, novena, or other particular prayer for this child

Send flowers in honor of this child to a women’s shelter, or to the person whose name you give to a child

Make a pilgrimage to a site related to the child’s name

Help clean up a cemetery, pray there for the people buried there, look for names to honor by giving them to babies at 50 Million Names

Decorate a special, keepsake Christmas ornament and add the child’s name

Serve at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or other ministry one hour, or one day, in this child’s honor

Release helium balloons bearing the names you have given in a private ceremony of prayer and promise

Ask for a Mass to be said in honor of this child

Create a prayer card to enclose with letters, asking a friend to join you in honoring each child

Write and share a poem, or song

One day of a Novena for each of nine children named