Yes You Can


I’m pretty sure we have featured this father and son team before on the blog but this is a new video and worth showing to remind us of so many important things.  It is deeply moving to witness the love between these two individuals and the testimony really touches the viewer because we witness how full a life Rick leads because his parents ignored advice to leave their baby in the hospital.

Rick Hoyt relates about how he feels like his disability disappears when he is competing with his dad, which motivates his dad to carry on with the marathons etc.  What this Team Hoyt show through their dedication and love when running, swimming and cycling is so important.  Some people believe that when babies with disabilities are discovered in utero or at birth, that they should be left to die or abandoned but we see in this video what can be achieved and how full a life can be lived.  However it is important to remember that even if people with disabilities never win a marathon or triathlon, their lives are still worthy.  Life cannot be measured through achievements or lack of them.  Life is precious regardless of how it is lived and no one except God can be the judge of a person’s life.

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