Jamir’s Can Do Attitude


Some people think that having a disability stops children and adults living a full life.  It would be better if their mum’s aborted them to save them suffering discrimination and hurt.

Again and again, in fact on countless times we are shown that children and adults with severe disabilities achieve amazing things with their lives.  As with every unique human being, their potential is endless.

Meet Jamir, who decided after seeing his sister master the piano, that he too would like to play an instrument.  So he chose the trumpet and together with his teacher has learnt to play the trumpet.  With his feet.  He has no arms.

How many examples do we need to demonstrate to us that we cannot know what can be achieved in life.  Only God knows.  What we do know is if we snuff out the lives of children yet to be born simply because they have a disability, they will achieve nothing on this earth.

The joyful, thriving lives of people like Jamir Wallace and Toney Melendez, however, fly in the face of this unfair stereotype. Disabilities did not prevent Melendez or Wallace from achieving happiness, or even from mastering musical instruments to which many people with arms do not have the wherewithal to dedicate themselves. Nevertheless, the abortion lobby tragically and consistently promotes an ethic that devalues their lives.

**taken from Lifenews.com**


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