Iver Lives On


For us in the prolife movement it seems straightforward that everything should be done,  in the event of a brain hemorrhage or something similar, to save the life of both the mother and unborn child.  This is because we are dealing with two lives which are not disposable according to cost or emotions.

Perhaps you will have read about a Texan man  who only last week allowed his wife Marlise Munroz’s life support machine to be switched off after a brain hemorrhage, which ended the life of their 22 week old unborn baby. There were many factors discussed around this case in favour of this outcome but the husband was pushing for the life support machine to be switched off,  the arguments in favour of the baby’s life were not heard.

unborn baby at 22 weeks gestation

However, only a week later we are faced with an almost identical case of a Canadian couple, Dylan & Robyn Benson who had a brain leak when she was 22 weeks pregnant and was declared legally dead the next day.  The difference here though is Dylan Benson has recognised that his wife has gone but she can still help keep her son who they have named Iver alive!  He is now 27 weeks gestation and doing really well.  You can read more about his story on his blog, http://www.misterbenson.com/ . 

The fact that these two similar cases have come to light one after the other, shows us what is possible and how to use technology for the good.  Life can emerge from tragic events and we must not let the tragedy overshadow the beauty of life waiting to be loved and nurtured.  It is painful to witness the loss for both these men of their wives but reaching out and seeing what is right in difficult circumstances is a must if we are to stand up for the unborn.

Read the full story at http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/canadian-man-keeps-brain-dead-pregnant-wife-on-life-support-to-give-baby-ch


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