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Public Talk


You might be interested in a talk being given by Sr Roseann this Tuesday 21st January 2014 at St Augustine’s RC Church, Coatbridge.  The evening begins with mass at 7pm followed by a talk on The Cardinal Winning Prolife Initiative by Sr Roseann.  All wellcome

The ugly subject of sex selection abortion has returned to the media spot light as it is reported that British Asians are continuing to abort girls.  A  investigation by The Independent has found that in the UK, abortion for sex selection has reduced the female population by between 1,500 and 4,700.  This is following the […]

Here’s the sermon that Fr John Deighan gave last night at our monthly prolife mass.    One of the issues that we have to deal with a pro-life Christians is the relationship between reason and faith. The sinfulness of abortion, of euthanasia, of experimentation on embryos, and so on, is part of the authoritative teaching […]

We had a busy start to the year when we welcomed two large groups of S3’s from St Ninian’s High School, Kirkintilloch to the centre over two days with their teachers. They heard about the development of the unborn child from conception aswell as the different methods of abortion.  They got guided tours of the centre […]



0 “The most effective guarantee of a civilization of love rather than the survival of the fittest; the culture of life over the culture of death; the law of the gift rather than the law of the “get”, solidarity rather than selfishness, is precisely the preservation of traditional marriage and family. When that goes, we […]

Pope Francis has  2014 kicked off talking about the important aspects of the what is wrong with the world starting with abortion.  It is so important to keep the issue of abortion in the media spotlight which is what Pope Francis does each time he talks about it, because society would have every thing to do […]




Although this video is slightly longer than we usually put on but it’s worth it to see the total faith this couple have had through their long years of childlessness.  Utter belief that God would eventually give them a child to love. Adoption is often an option derided as second best but it can work […]