Sex Selection? Why Not??


The ugly subject of sex selection abortion has returned to the media spot light as it is reported that British Asians are continuing to abort girls.  A  investigation by The Independent has found that in the UK, abortion for sex selection has reduced the female population by between 1,500 and 4,700.  This is following the investigation done by The Telegraph in 2013.

There is much horror by the mainstream media to these facts but when one looks at the wider picture of the acceptability of abortion in Britain, it is not hard to see how people jump to accepting that they can have a baby of what ever sex they like.  The terms of The Abortion Act are so loosely interpreted now that abortions are performed for any reason from inconvenience to excuses such as a holiday’s been booked or they’ve finished their family! 

Why are we so surprised when families decide that one sex is culturally more valuable than another?  If we teach society that babies are dispensible for any reason they like, then preferring one sex over another is not that far a jump.  The uproar seems to be for our secular press that girls are being aborted over boys and that is offending our gender equality laws that we are so proud of here in Britain!

It matters not, whether an unborn baby is killed because it is a girl, or a boy; it only matters that a life is taken and for the moment at least abortion on the grounds of sex selection is illegal.   Of course we can see where this situation leads to when we look at China where forced abortion has been approved of by the Chinese government since the 1960’s and baby girls are killed at birth or left to die because families need a boy baby.  Now China has a gender imbalance of massive proportions which they must deal with.

The Telegraph’s conclusion is weak having spoken to Ramesh Pattni, a Hinduism scholar, spiritual teacher and chair of Interfaith for the Hindu Forum of Britain, he said,

 “In terms of communities themselves, there’s more to be done – but where the government can interact with the communities through various ways and give a message that this is not an acceptable practice within the framework of the UK [would be helpful].

“It requires the changing of mindsets that have been there for years and years. In the long term it does work, but it’s not something that’s going to happen overnight.”

If we teach people that life is not sacred and dispensible then we cannot turn around and pass judgement when the law is interpreted to suit those who use it most.


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