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Here’s the story of a typical guy who’s about to get married but unexpectedly finds out his fiancee is pregnant.  To avoid embarassing their families, she has an abortion and their plans to marry continue as before.

This sort of thing happens everyday, across the world to many men.  What happens next shows God’s hand clearly. 

This particular guy is a one Jeff Bradford of the USA and together with his wife Tricia did not speak of the abortion they had had for 15 years!  It was only when their marriage was going through a rough patch that they realised what damage had been done when they killed their unborn child.

Jeff believes that God is calling post-abortive men to rise up and change the law on abortion and now works for a prolife organisation which finds women when they make their first online search to find an abortion clinic.

He says,

“I believe God is calling men to get involved and to stand up for the child and for women and make a difference, and really call us to be what God’s called us to be,” he says. “And that’s protectors.” 

“If a man would stand up for them and say that they are worthy, that they’re valuable I don’t think there’s many women who would kill their child,” he adds. 

Jeff says he finds it “amazing” that Americans will go to the ends of the earth to fight for the weakest people, “and yet we’re so cowardly not to stand up for the weakest in the womb which should be the safest place on earth.”

“I believe God is calling men to rise up and begin to make a difference, and make an impact and be men.” 

Men are the silent voice in an abortion either because they feel no responsibility towards their child, or they feel the decision should be with the mother who carries the child.  However the real picture is that women want a man to committ to their child and support them so they feel safe enough to continue with the pregnancy.  Unfortunately, men have no legal rights in an abortion so a woman can do what she wants with the baby.

We need to change this so men feel strong enough to speak up.

You can watch a video all about the prolife organisation Jeff works for, Online for Life

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