Who are We To Judge?


The pressure to abort for parents, when they discover their child in the womb has a disability is immense.  It becomes a weight so heavy if that disability is discovered to be fatal as is usually the case in Trisomy 18 (though to God all things are possible!).  This is what happened to a Canadian MP, Kyle Seeback and his wife when she was pregnant with their third child, who they named Elijah.

Not especially prolife before Elijah’s conception, he had been profoundly touched on seeing the ultrasound of his first child in the womb and this influenced his decision to continue with the pregnancy despite overwhelming pressure to abort Elijah.  The fruits, blessings and consolation for this family were huge and you can read the full story at Lifesitenews.com.  We leave you this moving quote from Elijah’s dad,

“Who you are you to judge the quality of somebody’s life, or their right to it, no matter how brief?” he asks.  And to those who receive a similarly devastating prenatal diagnosis, his advice is clear and unequivocal: “Don’t succumb to the pressure. Because even if you get to hold your child for ten minutes, that is so valuable and good for you. Those moments, as difficult as they are, they are so healing as well. And if you deprive yourself of that, you would be forever haunted by that decision


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