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Chen Guangcheug, the Chinese human rights activist has written a stunning piece for The Witherspoon Institute drawing attention to the human rights abuses that continue to exist in China.  What is so amazing about Mr Guangcheug is that he continues to speak out so eloquently despite the threats to his own safety and his family.  For the international prolife […]

We know that many of our supporters are people of prayer and today we would like to request that you pray for all the 40 Days for Life campaigns that are going on across the world at this very time.  Ordinary people like you and me, with busy lives, full of commitments, schedules and work […]

It’s so lovely to see the positives of a person with a disability being celebrated.  Way to go Jonathan!

I am sure that if a situation arose where we are in a position of influence that we would find the right words to say to a girl considering an abortion. This excerpt comes from an interview on of a single mum called Veronika who was asked a variety of questions involving her decision to keep […]

Due to a couple of cases involving women carrying babies with anaecephaly,  (Anencephaly is a severe form of spina bifida where a failure of fusion of the neural rube in early pregnancy results in the baby developing without cerebral hemispheres, including the neocortex, which is responsible for cognition. The remaining brain tissue is often exposed, ie. not […]

The founder of the Jesuits was on his way to military fame and fortune when a cannon ball shattered his leg. Because there were no books of romance on hand during his convalescence, Ignatius whiled away the time reading a life of Christ and lives of the saints. His conscience was deeply touched, and a long, […]

A personal phonecall from Pope Francis!  You can’t get more encouraging than that.  We don’t offer that service to mother’s with a crisis pregnancy, but we are just a phonecall away!