Hirst’s Support of Life


***taken from John Smeaton’s blog**

The more we see the realities of the unborn child in everyday life, the more people will realise what they already know to be true in their hearts, that it is a living baby that a pregnant woman carries and therefore deserves protection.

Pro-life campaigners praise Damien Hirst’s latest work
SPUC and other pro-life groups have praised the latest work of Damien Hirst, the British artist. The work, entitled “The Miraculous Journey”, consists of large bronze depictions of human development from conception through to infancy. It was commissioned by the museums authority in Qatar. Anthony Ozimic, SPUC’s communications manager, told Independent Catholic News: “We congratulate the Qatari authorities on their eye-catching public initiative. It is wonderful that a popular artist has replicated on a large scale the same kind of foetal models which SPUC and other pro-life groups have been using in schools and elsewhere for many decades. Educating the public about the wonderful reality of human development from conception through to birth is a vital means of saving unborn children. We were all unborn children once, so when we look at these models, we see ourselves. We hope that these models will help dissuade women from seeking abortion and will led to improved support for pregnant women, especially in unplanned or crisis pregnancies.”

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