Changing Advice To Be Positive

Fiona Bruce MP held a parliamentary inquiry into abortion for disability earlier this year, the findings of which were published in July.
One of its main conclusions was:
‘It should be best practice that parents are provided with practical and balanced information as soon as possible after discovery of a fetal disability and before leaving hospital so that they can make an informed choice. This should include leaflets or other information written by relevant disability groups. Parents should be offered contact with families with a child with a similar diagnosis without delay’
The quicker this recommendation is implemented the better.

There is no doubt that bringing up a child with special needs involves challenges, and yet at the very heart of the Christian gospel is the Lord Jesus who chose to lay down his life to meet our own ‘special needs’. The Apostle Paul tells us that Christ died for us ‘when we were powerless’ (Romans 5:6) and that ‘bearing one another’s burdens’ is at the very heart of Christian morality (Galatians 6:1).

For Christian doctors bearing burdens involves not only providing the best medical care for the most vulnerable members of our society, but also supporting their families in the long haul, being prepared to speak out when they are being treated unjustly and doing what we can to oppose unjust and discriminatory legislation and health policy.

All of us are called in a whole variety of ways to engage in the fight for these very special people

** taken from Christian Medical Comment blog**

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