Continuing To Speak Out


Chen Guangcheug, the Chinese human rights activist has written a stunning piece for The Witherspoon Institute drawing attention to the human rights abuses that continue to exist in China.  What is so amazing about Mr Guangcheug is that he continues to speak out so eloquently despite the threats to his own safety and his family.  For the international prolife movement, he is a beacon because he continues to speak out against forced abortion in China thereby drawing attention to the abortion industry as a whole.

I am sure that those in the US who support President Obamas pro-abortion stance and policies, would rather Mr Guangcheug keep quiet about forced abortion and just concentrate on other more main stream abuses, but he is not a person to adhere to pressure to pipe down when he believes an abuse needs to be exposed.  We applaud his work.  Here’s an extract of his article.

After forced abortion was reported by the Washington Post in 2005 and received extensive media coverage, I started to suffer unlawful persecution. The more heartbreaking and infuriating thing is that, eight years later, in China today, this kind of systematic anti-human crime is still happening in an organized manner under the leadership of the Communist Party. At 4 a.m. on September 27, a group of twenty officials from the Family Planning Commission, including sixteen men and four women, forced their way into the home of Zhou Guoqiang and his wife Liu Xinwen, a couple in Weifang, Shandong Province, while they were sleeping. They kicked down the door of the family’s home, held down Zhou Guoqiang and dragged his wife to a hospital by force for an abortion. A six-month baby was killed by a poisonous injection in the mother’s womb. It is more accurate to say that the baby died of the evil system rather than the poisonous injection. Let’s imagine how the parents must have felt when they saw their child being killed and yet they could do nothing to stop it. Reading this news report brought back to my memory the stories and the crying of those helpless women in 2005.


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